Topic: Fiduciary

Fee-Only 101 – What does it mean?

Is your financial advisor fee-only or fee-based? Do you know the difference? If not, you may be shocked to find out how your advisor makes money off you.
Fiduciary 101: What you need to know - book with 'Fiduciary Duty' on the cover and a courtroom gavel

Fiduciary 101: What you need to know

What does 'Fiduciary' mean? Does your financial advisor have a fiduciary responsibility to you? If not, you should be concerned. Knowing this simple word and what it means could be the difference between working your entire life and an early retirement. Read our latest article to learn the facts.
broker vs ria - which advisor is a fiduciary

Broker vs RIA: Which one serves you?

Broker vs RIA - How are they compensated? The answer can be very scary. Read this article to understand how your adviser makes money off your life savings.