Our Innovative Pricing Model

Transparent Pricing

At DreamWork Financial Group, our pricing is straightforward and transparent. We stand behind our products, so we don’t hide behind opaque pricing structures or hidden fees.

As a fee-only RIA, we never charge sales commissions. Instead, we are compensated based on assets under management [AUM]. This pricing structure eliminates conflicts of interest and ensures that we make more when you make more.

No Account Minimums

At DreamWork, inclusivity is at the core of our business. That’s why our innovative wealth management program, Investing Gameplan™ is open to all investors, regardless of their account balance. At DreamWork, You Don’t Have to Be Wealthy to Have Wealth Management®.

Only Pay for the Services You Need with Investing Gameplan™

Our pricing model is simple. You only pay for the level of service that you need. Investing Gameplan™ has two options to meet your needs – Active and Passive management. If you need a comprehensive financial plan in addition to portfolio management, it’s a simple add-on.

Dreamwork Financial Group's Innovative Pricing Model for Investing and Wealth Management

Passive Management

For just 0.5% of AUM, or $29.99 per month*, receive a custom portfolio of ETFs designed with your individual goals, risk tolerance, and investing preferences in mind. While we call this “passive management,” our fiduciary advisors still rebalance your portfolio approximately quarterly. This ensures the investment mix remains consistent with your long-term goals.

Active Management

For those seeking a more active role in the markets, there is an Investing Gameplan™ option for you. Investors in our Active Management program receive a portfolio core of passive investments plus an optimized mix of individual stocks and DreamWork’s proprietary funds. Our fiduciary advisors actively manage these portfolios – rebalancing regularly, while buying and selling securities as needed to maintain a mix optimized for your situation. All of this for just 1.0% of AUM or $39.99 per month*.

Proprietary funds are investment strategies designed to capitalize on a particular investing strategy or market trend. These funds vary in risk and are designed with a specific goal in mind. Some examples of these funds include:

  • Dividend Collector Fund – High dividend yield, low volatility.
  • Conviction Fund – A collection of stocks you know and should feel comfortable owning.
  • High Growth Fund – Handpicked high risk, high reward companies for those with speculative risk tolerance.
  • Bright Idea Funds™ – Funds designed to take advantage of opportunities in specific sectors like infrastructure, electric vehicles, or cybersecurity.

Active Management includes a more hands-on approach, with frequent rebalancing. As with all Investing Gameplan™ options, you also receive access to a fiduciary. Your advisor is happy to answer questions, hear investment ideas, and discuss progress toward your goals.

Financial Planning Add-On

If you need comprehensive wealth management in addition to investment management, our Financial Planning Add-On is the choice for you. For just an additional 0.5% of AUM or $50 per month*, receive a comprehensive wealth management plan with your Passive or Active Management portfolio.

Our plans quantify your long-term goals and include intermediate steps to help achieve them. We help reduce risk by performing an insurance analysis, crafting an estate plan, and choosing investments that match your risk tolerance.

A financial plan is a living document, so our advisors will work with you to update it as needed. These updates are included in your pricing. In addition, we offer ongoing support with topics like budgeting, saving, and managing retirement accounts. With a financial plan from DreamWork, feel confident that you are on the right path toward financial success.

*the monthly charge will be the greater of the two amounts listed