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About DreamWork Financial Group

The world of finance gets a bad rap. People think it’s too complicated, too overwhelming, too full of people trying to make a buck. And we get it: If that’s the only experience you’ve had with finance and financial professionals, why would you think anything different?

We built DreamWork Financial Group to change those stereotypes — to introduce you to a financial Advisory firm that cares about its clients, values your input and puts your happiness first.

Dreamwork Financial Group - view from office window

The view of Birmingham from our office.

Who Are We?

DreamWork Financial Group is a Registered Investment Advisor (or RIA for short) based in Birmingham, Alabama. We work with clients to provide long-term, customized financial planning, retirement cash-flow planning and more.

Our mission is to make the inner workings of finance not just accessible to our clients, but interesting, enlightening and thought-provoking. We want to show you how financial news, concepts and strategies matter to your daily life. We want to understand your values, your risk tolerance and your financial goals. We want to work with you to design a financial strategy that fits your unique needs. And we want to put your financial future in your control.

To do that, we’ve built our firm around five core values:


We are a Registered Investment Advisor. That means we are fiduciaries, bound to act in your best interests — no matter what.


We are a fee-only Advisory firm, which means we make more money when you make more money. We don’t make commissions on investment products, so we won’t try to sell you on products that don’t work. And when it comes to our fees, we tell you all the details, so you know, right from the start.


Many financial Advisors have minimums, net-worth limits that restrict their services to the very rich. At DreamWork Financial Group, we don’t have minimums because we believe You don’t have to be wealthy to have wealth management®.


We utilize a state-of-the-art platform that allows you to track your investments online, in real-time. You can view everything from your monthly budget to your detailed retirement plan, all in one place. Innovation makes managing your money so much easier, don’t you think?


At DreamWork Financial Group, our customers are everything. We want your input, your ideas, your feedback. We want to understand your thoughts, beliefs and values because all of that plays an integral role in building out a solid, effective financial strategy. You are the reason we do what we do. That’s why we put you first — always.