Why Invest with DreamWork Financial Group?

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Brand Features, Research

If someone asked you which stocks are in your portfolio, could you tell them? Or could you tell them who chose those investments for you? At DreamWork Financial Group, we want you to answer these questions with confidence.

When you work with us, the securities in your portfolio are handpicked by a fiduciary advisor that you know and trust. In addition, a custom portfolio might seem out of reach for most investors, but at DreamWork, we believe that You Don’t Have to Be Wealthy to Have Wealth Management®.

Our Philosophy is to be Inclusive to All Investors

Many advisors focus solely on saving and planning for retirement. But investors have varied needs and goals. For example, if you are in a position to “play the markets,” DreamWork Financial Group can help you develop a strategy with a higher risk / reward profile to compliment your retirement and savings plan. And if you are more conservative with your money, we can build a custom portfolio that protects your assets while working to meet your financial goals.

If you think this level of portfolio customization and personalized advice is only for the wealthy, think again. Here at DreamWork, there are no account minimums. We offer personalized investing solutions, including custom portfolios and advanced strategies, to all our clients – regardless of their account balance.

Our Investment Philosophy is Innovative

With DreamWork, you don’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all portfolio consisting of various funds. Instead, you can own the underlying securities, handpicked based on your risk tolerance, goals, and preferences. By investing in the underlying companies, we are able to adapt to market changes quickly and capitalize on opportunities that aren’t typically available to fund investors – helping you capture upside that isn’t possible with mutual funds or index funds.

Other firms employ centralized portfolio managers that buy and sell securities for hundreds or even thousands of clients. This portfolio manager doesn’t know each client or their individual needs and can sometimes be incentivized to focus on larger customers that bring in more income. With DreamWork, your advisor is also your portfolio manager. So, you have a connection and a personal relationship with the advisor who chooses your investments.

This advisory relationship is built on trust. Your advisor will take the time to get to know you, your goals, and your investment preferences. At DreamWork, we welcome our clients’ input into investing decisions and always seek to incorporate your ideas into your portfolio.

We also offer a variety of investment options and strategies to fit your individual needs, but investments aren’t all that we do. If you need help planning to reach your goals, the advisors at DreamWork are ready to help. We offer a full suite of wealth management services in addition to our innovative investment solutions.

Our Investment Advisors are Fiduciaries

DreamWork Financial Group is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor [RIA]. This means that all of our advisors are held to a fiduciary duty and therefore have a legal obligation to put our clients’ needs ahead of our own.

In keeping with our duty to put your needs first, our advisors do not receive trade commissions. We believe that when advisors are paid based on the products that they recommend, this creates a conflict of interest between the advisors’ income and the client’s goals. That’s why our pay is based on a percentage of assets under management, rather than commissions. This compensation structure ensures that we make more when you make more. With our goals aligned, and conflicts of interest eliminated, our advisors can focus on growing your wealth.

At DreamWork, We Focus on Investing with Transparency

We believe that advisory fees should be transparent. That’s why we post our services and pricing directly on our website. So, with DreamWork, you never have to wonder how your advisor is paid. Additionally, all costs are built into our pricing model so there are no hidden fees or charges when you work with us.

In addition to transparency with fees, we make it easy for our clients to keep track of how their investments are performing. Our convenient client portal makes it simple to view your portfolio and track its performance over time.

Most importantly, and in the spirit of transparency, our clients always have access to the manager of their money. If you have questions about which investments are in your portfolio or how they were chosen—we are available to speak with you.

Get Your Investing Gameplan™ from DreamWork Financial Group

At DreamWork Financial Group, our philosophy is simple—do what is best for our clients all of the time. That’s what it means to be a fiduciary.

In keeping with our fiduciary duty, we have built Investing Gameplan™, a unique investing program that is innovative, inclusive, and transparent. Investing Gameplan™ takes your goals into account, and the result is a portfolio comprised of equities and low-cost ETFs that is designed with your risk tolerance and investment preferences in mind. To learn more about DreamWork Financial Group and our proprietary investing system, Investing Gameplan™, contact us today.

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