What are DreamWork Proprietary Funds?

by | Dec 22, 2022 | Brand Features, Research

With DreamWork Financial Group, you can partner with a fiduciary advisor to create your Investing Gameplan™. ­This innovative wealth management program is available in two levels to accommodate varying investment preferences. Our Passive Management option includes a custom portfolio of low-cost ETFs to match your individual goals and preferences. For those who want to take a more active role in the markets, our Active Management option could be the right choice.

An actively managed portfolio from DreamWork includes a personalized mix of low-cost ETFs, individual stocks, and DreamWork Proprietary Funds. You probably recognize ETFs and stocks, but what are proprietary funds and how could they benefit your portfolio?

What are DreamWork Proprietary Funds?

DreamWork Proprietary Funds are collections of stocks designed by DreamWork Financial Group to achieve a specific objective. These funds can be a useful addition to a balanced portfolio because they offer additional exposure to a particular industry, sector, strategy or type of stock.

The objectives of DreamWork Proprietary Funds vary based on the target risk tolerance and purpose of the fund. Some of the available funds include:

Conviction Fund

The DreamWork Conviction Fund is designed for the average investor seeking to add individual stocks to their portfolio. This fund strives to achieve a market rate of return through a basket of the “bluest of blue-chip companies.” These firms are household names that most investors feel comfortable owning for the long run.

Dividend Collector Fund

The Dividend Collector Fund is designed for investors with a shorter time horizon, lower risk tolerance, or a need for predictable income. The objective of this fund is to generate income through large, well-established companies that generate a stable return. The Dividend Collector Fund focuses on companies with strong balance sheets in defensive sectors that are not as susceptible to market swings.

High Growth Fund

The High Growth fund seeks to generate returns above the market average by investing in “riskier” companies that are prone to large market swings. These companies have high growth potential and are often in “hot” sectors of the economy. The High Growth Fund could be appropriate if you have an extended time horizon and speculative risk tolerance.

Bright Idea Funds

Bright Idea Funds are very specific and typically contain fewer stocks than Proprietary Funds. They are created for investors who want even more personalization or hands-on involvement in the management of their portfolio.

Bright Idea Funds include:

  • Futuristic Tech: Invest in popular tech themes such as AI and cybersecurity.
  • Consumer Trends: Invest in consumer trends like discount retail, pets, and more.
  • Local Companies: Invest in companies based in Birmingham, Atlanta, and other areas.
  • Greater Good: Invest in ESG themes like clean energy and clean water.
  • Capitol Hill: Invest in political themes like infrastructure, military, and more.

Both Proprietary Funds and Bright Idea Funds allow you to take advantage of current trends, reduce volatility, and / or implement a sector-specific “tilt” to your portfolio. With these funds, you can achieve a custom portfolio that is specific to your situation, goals, and investment preferences.

How Could DreamWork Proprietary Funds Benefit Your Portfolio?

Many firms build their portfolios exclusively from mutual funds and ETFs. While these investments can provide broad exposure to the markets, they lack the ability to fully customize your holdings. As an investor, you don’t have influence over which stocks are included in a mutual fund or ETF, but with DreamWork Proprietary Funds, you can choose which sectors and types of companies to include in your portfolio. If there is a sector you feel strongly about, or a style of company you wish to avoid, you can achieve full portfolio customization with Investing Gameplan™.

In addition to greater customization compared to a broad based portfolio, you can avoid the loads and fees which are common with mutual funds. With Investing Gameplan™, you never pay loads, and our fee structure is transparent and easy to understand. Also, you can own the underlying securities in your portfolio, allowing you to take advantage of more advanced strategies like tax-loss harvesting.

Get Started with DreamWork Proprietary Funds and Investing Gameplan™

In the past, individualized wealth management was reserved for the very wealthy. But with Investing Gameplan™ by DreamWork Financial Group, investors of differing means can benefit from personalized financial advice.

With Investing Gameplan™, you can get a relationship with a fiduciary advisor and a custom portfolio of low-cost ETFs, individual stocks, and exclusive access to DreamWork Proprietary Funds. Best of all, there is no account minimum to participate.

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