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Wealth Management Serivces

At DreamWork Financial Group, we want you to know that “You don’t have to be wealthy to have wealth
management®’. You shouldn’t settle for a prepackaged product sold by a banker with sales goals. Reduce your stress with a professional plan put together by a fiduciary who has your best interests at heart.

Our Orchestra™ Wealth Management program is designed for those individuals who need more than just a Composer™ for their investment strategy and it includes all the following services:


We want to grow your money in a portfolio built specifically for you.

We aren’t paid to sell specific investments so our only goal is to make you happy. Let us use our state of the art tools and research to help you reach your goals in the most efficient way possible.

Retirement Planning

Worry about the fun things in life not your retirement.

We will get to know your dreams, fears, goals, and needs to help you develop a clear picture of your retirement. We want to be there to help you prepare for the unexpected.

Estate Planning

Don’t let the government determine who gets your life savings.

By planning now, you can make sure your wishes are fulfilled in the future. Rest easy knowing that if something bad was to happen to you, your loved ones would be taken care of without the hassle of probate.

Education Planning

Children are stressful enough without factoring in saving for college. If you have children (or expect to), you need to plan for education. Costs have been rising dramatically and factors around planning for this can seem complex. With a strategy, you can approach this area with confidence.


Being a fee-only fiduciary, we do not accept commissions (or any type of arrangement of any kind) so we will help you find the best products. The insurance industry doesn’t particularly have the “cleanest” reputation, often filled with high-pressure salesmen. Allow us to utilize our network for the Life/Disability/Long-Term Care policies to get the best offering for you.