Topic: Investments

ESG investments represented by ESG icons floating around a digital earth.

What does ESG mean to investors?

Companies that excel in Environmental, Social, and Governance categories can make worthwhile additions to your portfolio.
Beat market represented by a stock chart going downward.

What is a Bear Market?

A “bear market” could impact the value of your assets, the way you position your portfolio, and your trading decisions.
Businesswoman thinking to herself in front of a chalkboard full of question marks

Where is Your Money Invested?

When you invest your hard-earned funds, you should be able to answer a fundamental question: where is your money invested?
A man with a spyglass standing on a percent sign illustrating he is keeping an eye on rising rates as it pertains to his investment portfolio.

How Interest Rate Increases Impact Your Investments

Higher interest rates can impact your portfolio. So, you must make smart investment decisions as rates continue to rise.
broker vs ria - which advisor is a fiduciary

Broker vs RIA: Which one serves you?

Unlike broker-dealers, RIAs have their income and professional standards tied to their client’s best interests.
Fiduciary 101: What you need to know - book with 'Fiduciary Duty' on the cover and a courtroom gavel

Fiduciary 101: What You Need to Know?

Fiduciaries are held to the highest standard of loyalty and care when recommending investment products to their clients.
which tempo is right for you?

Tempo™ Talk: Which Tempo is Right for Me

Tempo™ Funds are personalized funds that serve as the core of your investment portfolio. As the name implies, time is the number one focus of emphasis.
Investing the down payment on your home

Tempo™ Talk: How To Grow Your Down Payment

Saving for a down payment seems pretty straight-forward. But, if you'd like to maximize your savings, your best bet is wisely investing those funds.
Tempo Funds- Time-Emphasized portfolios, goal based

Tempo™ Talk – What is a Tempo™?

Tempos™, short for "Time EMphasized POrtfolio", were developed to help you meet your savings goals while investing in companies that match your beliefs.
Spector Funds - Specific, Theme Oriented Investment Funds

Spector™ Spotlight: What is a Spector™?

Spectors ™ are Specific, Theme-Oriented Investments (SpecT-Or). In a nutshell, they are investment models, which try to capitalize on certain individual themes or trends by using individual stocks and low-cost ETFs.