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Man standing on line graph looking ahead, Titled: "what's up with the market?" - Dreamwork Financial Group Newsletter

What’s Up with the Market – December 2019

Looks like the market is wanting to close the year on a high note as we keep hitting all-time highs. Read more to see what we are looking for in 2020.
Close up shot of woman wearing smart glasses wearable technology

Making the iPhone look like the iPod

Could Apple's next big play make the iPhone look like the iPod? Read this month's bold prediction and see what we believe is driving the "next big thing".
chart of Twilio TWLO stock and short interest

Twilio (TWLO) – Short Squeeze Ahead?

Twilio (TWLO) was one of the hottest IPO's of 2016. Since then the stock has seen better days. We think things may change. Don't miss this rare opportunity!