which tempo is right for you?

Tempo™ Talk: Which Tempo is Right for Me


Tempo™ Funds are personalized funds that serve as the core of your investment portfolio. As the name implies, time is the number one focus of emphasis. When determining your investment allocation, it is important to understand the investment life cycle phases and where you fall within those.

There are 3 broad phases in one’s investment life cycle, so to speak: accumulation, maintenance and spending. Here’s what you need to know about each phase.

Investment Life Cycle Phase 1 – Accumulation

This is when you are starting out in your career, probably paying down debt and getting ready to buy a house. You have time on your side and can handle larger market fluctuations. This is the time where you can take on more risk to have the potential for more reward. In this phase, you would be considering investing in the riskier Tempos, like Presto or Allegro, which would be more heavily weighted in the stock market.

Investment Life Cycle Phase 2 – Maintenance

This is the period when most of your major purchases have been paid for and you are able to put away larger chunks of money into your retirement savings. During this time, you still need to grow your money but now market fluctuations are more unsettling. This is when you want to have more of a balanced strategy split between stocks and fixed income, which would place you in a Tempo like Moderato, Adante or Adagio.

Investment Life Cycle Phase 3 – Spending

This is the time when you have retired and no longer have earned income coming in and can no longer handle any major market fluctuations. It is the time to reap the rewards of a lifetime of hard work while not being stressed worrying about whether you will have money to live on. This is a good time to own a conservative fixed income-heavy portfolio like Lento.

So Which Tempo is Right for Me?

While time is important, it is simply one of many factors that determines the Tempo that is right for you. Everyone is completely different that’s why we are completely against a one-size-fits-all strategy. That’s why, at DreamWork, we will sit down to get to know you on many levels so we can allocate securities that accurately reflect your risks, goals and beliefs. We strive to do this in a way that keeps you informed and involved in the process. Our only goal is your financial success and happiness.

Please contact us today as we’d love to help you reach your financial goals.