Spector Spotlight – 1st Edition – What is a Spector?

May 18, 2018 | Spector Spotlight

What is a Spector™?

Welcome to the first edition of our Spector Spotlight. You are probably wondering, “What is a Spector™?”

Spectors ™ are Specific, Theme-Oriented Investments (SpecT-Or).  In a nutshell, they are investment models which try to capitalize on certain individual themes or trends by using individual stocks and low-cost ETFs. By owning the underlying holdings, we can achieve greater diversification, lower expenses and tax advantages. Spectors™ are for investors who are looking to get more out of their money than simply meeting a savings goal (we have Tempo™ Funds for that).

At DreamWork we want to put you in the driver’s seat whenever possible. We want you to capitalize on your ideas. We don’t sell products, so your happiness is all that matters to us. Too often, people are simply grouped into broad categories and all personalization is lost. We hope to do better than that, and one way is through our Spector™ offering.

Below is our current list of Spectors™. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, please let us know and we would be happy to discuss developing one for you.

Current list of Spectors:

  • Social Responsibility – “Taking (Social) Responsibility
  • Diversity- “Delivering On Diversity”
  • Charitable Giving- “Cheering Charitable (Giving)”
  • Local Business (Birmingham)- “Based In B’ham”
  • Women Leaders- “Leading Women”
  • Environment- “Embracing Our Environment”
  • Renewable Energy- “Ramping Up Renewables”
  • Clean Water- “Wagering On Water (and Waste Management)
  • Clean Technology- “Committed To Clean Tech”
  • Oil- “Oozing Oil”
  • Shale- “Sailing With Shale”
  • Natural Gas- “Nabbing Nat Gas”
  • Broad Economy- “Echoing The Economy”
  • Precious Metals- “Preferring Precious Metals”
  • Aerospace/National Defense/Military- “Mobilizing Our Military”
  • Inflation- “Increasing Inflation”
  • Infrastructure- “Investing In Infrastructure”
  • Homebuilders- “Hammering Home Builders”
  • Real Estate- “Riding Real Estate”
  • Financials- “Focused On Financials”
  • Healthcare- “Harnessing Healthcare”
  • Consumer Discretionary- “Cashing In On Consumers”
  • Healthy Living- “Hooked On Healthy”
  • Beauty- “Banking On Beauty (Products)”
  • Cannabis- “Cultivating Cannabis”
  • Switching from Cable Bundles- “Cutting The Cord”
  • Discount Retail- “Devoted To Discounts”
  • Pets- “Parenting Our Pets”
  • Sports Apparel- “Scoring With Sports (Apparel)
  • Used Cars- “Conserving Our Cars”
  • Broad Technology- “Trekking With Tech”
  • Autonomous Driving- “Dedicated To Driverless”
  • Biotech- “Betting On Biotech”
  • Online Shopping- “Ordering Online”
  • Robots and Artificial Intelligence(AI)- “Rising Robots & AI”
  • Video Games and Virtual Reality- “Venturing Into V/R & Gaming”
  • Cloud Computing and Big Data- “Computing the Cloud”
  • Wearable Technology- “Welcoming Wearables”
  • Smart Grid- “Solving The Smart Grid”
  • Large Cap Tech (US)- “Towering Over Tech (US)
  • Large Cap Tech (China)- “Towering Over Tech (China)
  • Defensive Investing- “Diversifying Defensively”
  • Short Term Safety- “Sitting On The Sideline”
  • Benjamin Graham Methodology
  • Peter Lynch Methodology
  • Reasonably Priced Growth
  • Large Cap Value
  • Dividend Select

Contact us for more information on any particular Spector™.

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