Tempo Funds- Time-Emphasized portfolios, goal based

Tempo™ Talk – What is a Tempo™?


When saving for retirement or other goals, we feel that our clients deserve more than just a target-date mutual fund. At DreamWork Financial Group, we want to serve those who “march to the beat of their own drum.” That’s why we’d like to introduce Tempo™ funds as our latest investment offering. Our “Time Emphasized Portfolio”, Tempo™ for short, helps you meet your savings goals on your own terms.

Tempo™ funds help you save without compromising your conscience.

With DreamWork Tempo™ funds, you have the ability to personalize your investments to reflect your beliefs and risk tolerance. Depending on your outlook and personal views, your Tempo™ can even include companies that you want to support. You can choose to support organizations that contribute to the greater good through diversity, helping the environment, or in many other ways.

With target-date mutual funds, you simply don’t get this personalization or flexibility. Instead, you are sold a rigid mutual fund where you are lumped in with thousands of other investors. In addition, 97% of target-date mutual funds are “funds of funds” that carry average fees of 0.66%. Good luck trying to tell the fund manager that you’d like to have your personal views reflected in your investments. In fact, unless you are very wealthy, you may not be able to contact your mutual fund manager.

What are the expenses on Tempo™ funds?

At DreamWork Financial Group, your costs range from 0.5% to 0.61%* for our “investment only” offering which includes a custom-built Tempo™ based around the lowest cost ETFs we can find. And most importantly, you get around-the-clock access to a personal advisor who can adapt your investment to ever-changing needs and views.

With our Tempo™ funds, you get the low expense ratio of a mutual fund, with the added benefit of an investment manager who can actively adjust your fund to meet your needs.

What’s inside a Tempo™?

Each Tempo™ starts with a passive base of low-cost ETFs. These investments can range from short-term treasury bonds to emerging market equities, depending on your personal goals and risk tolerance. This base of securities will serve as the foundation for meeting your investment goal. Our method reflects a strong belief in passive management (low costs, little trading).

On the other hand, we also believe there are clear moments when active management (timing the market, more trading) can provide an additional advantage. Market patterns tend to repeat themselves, and global events can often hang over markets for long periods of time. Our Tempo™ funds allow our clients to capitalize on current trends and themes, which can provide the opportunity for higher returns.

At DreamWork Financial Group, we strive to put our clients in the driver’s seat whenever possible. Before you simply get sold a “one size fits all” target-date mutual fund, contact us and make the switch to a Tempo™.