Why invest in the Robots Spector™?

As we get closer to a world that seems like science fiction, robots will play an increasingly more important role in our daily roles. As a society we haven’t reached Westworld artificial intelligence levels. However, we already use them for surgery, military, manufacturing and more.

As technology advances, robots will inevitably become more integrated with our daily lives. Companies that lead in robotics should be positioned to profit off this trend.

What kind of investments are in the Robots Spector™?

This Spector™ invests in robotics makers ranging from military to medical companies. These corporations stand to benefit from the continued development of robotics and artificial intelligence applications.

Invest in this Spector™ if you believe robots are the future across all spectrum’s of your daily life and will continue to have a growing impact in our society.

Example Holdings: Intuitive Surgical (ISRG), Emerson Electric (EMR), Google (GOOGL)


Breakdown of Holdings

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