A view of Downtown Birmingham out the windows of our offices.

A view out the window of our offices in Downtown Birmingham.

With more than a decade of experience, I’ve learned that there are key steps that each client must work through to develop a customized retirement plan that is unique to the client’s situation, goals, values and dreams. Here is a summary of the DreamWork process, which helps the client and investment advisor build a trusting relationship over time.

  1. No obligation first meeting. In a confidential environment, we will meet to review your life goals and core values. In turn, I will explain DreamWork's unique approach that puts you in the front seat of your retirement portfolio.  DreamWork Financial Group offers a free portfolio review in this first step of the process.
  1. Follow-up meeting. Based on the information provided, I will offer a second meeting in which I will present a general retirement strategy and gather more information. At this meeting, we will discuss the process of hiring DreamWork Financial Group, a Registered Investment Advisor, to serve as the investment advisor overseeing your personal retirement plan.
  1. Kick-off meeting. After being hired and after reviewing the additional information and insight from the second meeting, we’ll have a detailed financial meeting to review current assets, discuss financial scenarios and start an investment strategy.
  1. Financial plan. Next, we’ll review a detailed financial plan that Dreamwork Financial Group develops. We will review goals and objectives and start an annual review cycle. We’ll set up a schedule of future meetings to review the plan and its progress, as well as to discuss taxes, estates, cash flow, investments and retirement on an as-needed basis.

Some advantages of the DreamWork planning process:

Flat fee. DreamWork Financial Group charges an affordable flat fee based on a percentage of assets under management. This ensures that the clients goals are aligned. DreamWork isn't paid up-front for services. As your account grows, DreamWork grows. If you aren’t happy, I'm not happy. You can cancel at any time.

Independent. Because I'm not working for a big firm, I don’t have the incentive to push specific products or investments at you. My job is to find out what’s best for you, based on your investing philosophy, retirement horizon and core values.

Customized service. Because DreamWork is in it for the long term, I work to develop a deep understanding of each client’s needs, wants and wishes as well as fears, dreams and goals.

Technology. DreamWork utilizes a state-of-the-art platform that will allow you to view investments in real-time through the Internet. You can view everything from your monthly budget to your detailed retirement plan all in one place. Additionally, our platforms allow you to play with hypothetical investments to help you see how different scenarios can impact your future.

Educational tools. As a part of our services, DreamWork Financial Group offers an array of educational tools to help you plan and make better decisions.

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