I look on what I do as being in a partnership with each individual client where my job is to steer you toward investments that line up with your core values.

Clint Kirby

Chief Financial Strategist, DreamWork Financial Group

Meet Clint Kirby

Chief financial strategist Clint Kirby, an Alabama native, started DreamWork Financial Group, a Registered Investment Adviser, in 2015 after working for a decade as an investment advisor and securities trader with large financial institutions in Birmingham, Ala.


Clint Kirby, Chief Financial Strategist at DreamWork Financial, and his wife Karen Kirby

With a bachelor’s degree in international business and a master’s degree in finance from Auburn University, Kirby recalls how he took every investment class offered while he was in college. “I knew I had to invest in myself and tried to make all of the necessary career moves to position myself as a top advisor,” he said.

Now with his own company, Clint is working with clients to guide them into making wise financial choices.

“I look on what I do as being in a partnership with each individual client where my job is to steer you toward investments that line up with your core values,” he says.

Kirby says the firm’s approach is different because he uses the skills and fundamentals he learned in college, in conjunction with inside knowledge he gained as an analyst for large organizations, to create customized portfolios for clients that both align with their values and seek to meet their retirement and investing goals. “At a big bank or a big financial advising firm, your account is going to get assigned to someone who is provided a packaged program designed to sell different products to you, regardless of whether or not they meet your investment goals,” Kirby says. “They may not have what it takes to be a real investment manager on their own, but with the bank’s help, they can build a portfolio so complicated that most people can’t understand it. This allows them to force feed you investments that pay the largest commissions to the advisor.  You’ll essentially be in the back seat and the advisor will be driving the relationship and your money.  “We do not work for sales commissions,” Kirby added.  “The only way we make more money, is by growing your investments.  If your investments decline in value, so does our compensation.”  By aligning the interests of their clients with their own interests, Clint has successfully shaped DreamWork Financial Group into a “client first” advisory organization.

In closing, Clint has a few final words for prospective clients:  “At DreamWork, I do investing differently — I want you to be in the front seat with me. I’m going to provide you with information so you can understand what the market is doing and use that knowledge to your advantage. By investing intelligently — with you understanding what we’re doing at every step of the process — and by focusing on your core values, we can build a portfolio that will accomplish your goals while injecting your life lessons and experiences into the process.”

Clint Kirby - Chief Financial Strategist for DreamWork Financial Group

Professional Details:


Finance nerd

M.S. Finance

B.S. International Business

Series 7 Licensed

Series 66 Licensed

Life and Health Licensed

Member of Financial Planning Association (FPA)

Registered Financial Consultant (RFC)

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC)

Clint Kirby, Chief Financial Strategist at DreamWork Financial Group, and his wife Karen Kirby

Personal Notes:

Married to Karen Kirby, 2 Dogs (Darla, Walter)

Involved in local community: IPC – Church, Young Professionals, Young Pioneers, Crestwood South Neighborhood Task Force

Cornerstone School Mentor & Tutor

Northstar Soccer Coach Woodlawn U-11 Boys team

Sunrise Rotary Club (Birmingham)

St. Anne’s Home – Board Member

Interests: Live Music, Golf, Baseball, College Football, Soccer, Jiu-jitsu, Chess

Birmingham Barons Season ticket holder

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