Why invest in the ESG Leaders Spector™?

The general rule is that stock prices go up when a company grows its earnings. In today’s social climate, it takes more than just a bottom line to remain successful, and investors are taking notice. In today’s media driven society, companies actions are on display for all to see. One mishap could break a company while doing the right thing can boost its image.

In some cases, simply making appropriate choices, acting responsibly and being a steward of the community can lead to more attention for a company. The organizations that properly leverage this attention can see bigger profits.

What kind of investments are in the ESG Leaders Spector™?

This Spector™ invests in the leaders in corporate responsibility which is generally in 3 areas: environmental, social, and corporate governance.

Invest in this Spector™ if you believe companies with strong core values, that operate with high moral standards, will continue to see gains in their share price.

Example Holdings: Apple (AAPL), UBS (UBS), Boston Scientific (BSX)


Breakdown of Holdings

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