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Bold Prediction: Daimler will out-Tesla Tesla

It is hard to find an investor that isn’t familiar with Tesla’s mission, which is “ to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” It’s easy to see why it has been a favorite among investors, what better concept is there than trying to make money off...

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October News: “The Trend is your friend!”

  There is a saying on Wall Street that “the trend is your friend,” and it appears to be the case right now.  The market continues to climb to all-time highs as we get ready to enter earnings season. North Korea Tensions The worries around North Korea still exist but...

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September News: Trump Trade, N Korea, Hurricanes

Is the Trump trade in jeopardy or just getting a second wind? (North Korea, Trump, Hurricanes) Last month in the newsletter, we focused on how “no news is good news” for the markets lately.  So much for that this past month. The big stories were: North Korea continues...

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August News: North Korea, Politics, & Rates

North Korea, Healthcare, and "no news is good news" Since the last newsletter, the lack of major financial news has been good news. This has been a good thing for a market that continues to melt higher, hitting records on all of the major indices. However, political...

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