Why invest in the Driverless Cars Spector™?

In the world of auto manufacturers technology is steadily advancing towards driverless cars. While the technology is close to being perfected for road approval, states are already starting to issue driving guidelines in preparation. Due to this innovation, leading auto manufacturers, tech and auto coverage companies are poised to benefit.

This is the future, increasing adoption should lead to increasing profits for these forward thinking companies.

What kind of investments are in the Driverless Cars Spector™?

This Spector™ invests the the automotive companies that are on the leading edge of driverless technology as well as the technology used to make these advancements. We also invest in the auto coverage companies that stand to benefit on the release of this technology.

Invest in this Spector™ you believe driverless technology is the future of travel and that the leading companies in the automotive industry will be on the forefront of this automotive revolution.

Example Holdings: Baidu (BIDU), Tesla (TSLA), Nvidia (NVDA)


Breakdown of Holdings

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