DreamWork Financial Group:
The Anti-Bank

“When you invest with a bank, you are just an account number. I know this because I started my career at a bank.”

– Clint Kirby, Founder of DreamWork Financial Group

DreamWork Financial Group provides fiduciary advice that is innovative, transparent, and inclusive.

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Banks exist to hold onto your money. We’re here to help you grow it.

Don’t settle for the one-size-fits-all financial plan you often receive with big bank advisors. Instead, you can have a custom portfolio and a dedicated advisor – but that’s not all. At DreamWork Financial Group, our pricing is transparent and simple. This means no minimum investment and no hidden fees!

With a bank you get: a revolving door of customer service representatives, financial decisions made by a back-office analyst, hidden investment fees, a one-size-fits-all portfolio. With DreamWork you get: a dedicated advisor who picks up the phone when you call, an experienced advisor who is also your portfolio manager, transparent pricing and no hidden investment fees, a customized portfolio of individual stocks and low-cost ETFs.

Get A Dedicated Advisor,
Not A Revolving Door of Customer Service Representatives

At a bank, you generally talk to a different ‘advisor’ each time you call which leaves you with no one to turn to with financial questions.

When you invest with DreamWork Financial Group, an independent RIA, you have a dedicated advisor who acts as both your primary contact and portfolio manager.

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A Portfolio Manager Who Knows You, Not A Back-Office Analyst

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The big bank business model means your investments are chosen by back-office analysts who don’t know you or your situation.

At DreamWork, our advisors build a relationship with you and take the time to understand your life, goals, and unique financial situation. Then, we build your Investing Gameplan™ – including a custom portfolio designed to meet your individual goals.

Avoid High Costs and Hidden Fees Commonly Charged by Banks

Bank advisory services too often come with a high price tag including front loads, high annual management fees, and a host of hidden costs.

Conversely, Investing Gameplan™ provides a custom portfolio overseen by your personal advisor at a low annual cost with no hidden fees.

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Get a Portfolio Manager, Not A Salesman

Some financial ‘advisors’ are just sales-oriented middlemen that stand between you, a back-office analyst, and a mutual fund company.

At DreamWork, your advisor is your portfolio manager. The person choosing your investments and placing trades on your behalf is the same person you call when you have questions.

A Fiduciary Advisor Who Puts YOU First

Bank advisors often have the freedom to place trades that make the most money for them – not you. Worse, they can accept payment from mutual fund companies for recommending their funds – creating troubling conflicts of interest.

As an RIA, DreamWork advisors are fiduciaries. We are legally obligated to put your needs first and we never accept payment from third parties. In fact, our transparent pricing structure means the only way we make more money is if you make more money.

A Partner to Guide You Through Stock Market Ups and Downs

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One thing is certain when it comes to investment markets – they’re unpredictable.

With DreamWork, navigating turbulent markets is simple.

Our experienced advisors have guided client investment decisions through market peaks and crashes. We know how to keep you on the path to achieving your goals, even when investment markets throw you a curve ball.

Transparent Pricing and a Plan to Match Any Stage of Life

Our innovative pricing model ensures you only pay for what you need and never get surprised by hidden fees.

For just 0.5% of assets under management (with an ultra-low minimum of $29.99 a month), you can have a personal fiduciary advisor and an actively managed portfolio of ETFs.

With a few more dollars, we can enrich your portfolio with individual stocks, DreamWork Proprietary Investment Funds, advanced strategies, and a comprehensive financial plan.

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You Don’t Have to Be Wealthy to Have Wealth Management®

You may believe that most financial advisors are the same. We are here to tell you, that sentiment is dead wrong.

At DreamWork Financial Group, we offer our services with no minimum investment. This means You Don’t Have To Be Wealthy To Have Wealth Management® and you can start investing today.

Gain Comfort in Your Financial Situation

Here’s how wealth management works at DreamWork:

1. Meet with your new financial advisor to discuss your personal goals and situation.

2. If DreamWork is a good fit, we’ll develop your Investing Gameplan™.

3. We’ll manage your portfolio on an ongoing basis and communicate with you as often as you’d like.

Communication On Your Schedule

If you want to hear from us every day, no problem! We post daily market updates on social media, weekly updates on our website, and monthly articles to keep you informed. Plus, you have your advisor’s phone number – call as often as you’d like.

What if everyday communication isn’t for you? That’s fine! We can take care of your investments and you’ll only hear from us when something needs your attention or when you receive your quarterly statements.

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Start the New Year Ahead of the Game with Investing Gameplan™

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Studies show that if you missed the best 10 stock market days over the past 20 years, you also missed half of the growth during that time. That shocking statistic means you waiting for a better time is already costing you huge money. In fact, the Nasdaq was up over 40% last year and most of those gains occurred in just a few big days.

So, get off the sidelines and start the new year with a new financial plan, new investments and confidence in your financial future. And, don’t miss out on another day of market gains by getting your Investing Gameplan™ today!

“Some people become financial advisors simply because they love money. I became a financial advisor because I love the markets. I believe that if you can make a living doing what you love, you’ll be set up for a lifetime of success.”

– Clint Kirby Founder of DreamWork Financial Group