Why invest in the Defensive Spector™?

In times of volatility it makes sense to get a little defensive with your portfolio. This is when it’s smart to invest in assets that aren’t as sensitive to the market. When the outlook for the economy is bad or uncertain, remember that people will still need the essentials. They will need healthcare and basic food items. They will still need power, water and other utilities. These types of assets can provide stability when things are volatile.

When you don’t want to come all of the way out of the market but want to take your risk down a notch, it may be the time to get defensive.

What kind of investments are in the Defensive Spector™?

This Spector™ invests in defensive assets such as gold, healthcare, staples, utilities.

Invest in this Spector™ if you are wanting to minimize market exposure.

Example Holdings: Healthcare SPDR ETF (XLV), Invesco S&P High Dividend/Low Volatility ETF (SPHD), iShares US Preferred Stock ETF (PFF)


Breakdown of Holdings

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