Why invest in the Cut the Cord Spector™?

A growing trend in broadcasting an entertainment is moving away from cable bundles and toward subscriptions to streaming platforms. Through leveraging internet usage, entertainment companies are focused on bringing the content directly to consumers.

Viewers have the convenience of mobile access to streaming sites, thus breaking the traditional tether to home cable packages.

What kind of investments are in the Cut the Cord Spector™?

Investments in this Spector™ are represented by streaming gurus such as Netflix, Disney, and Roku, among numerous others. Subscribers are able to choose playlists based on personal interest in tv shows and movies.

This Spector™ hopes to capitalize on this trend by investing in companies that are actively engaged in creating, distributing and producing content.

Example Holdings: Disney (DIS), Netflix (NFLX), Viacom (VIAB)


Breakdown of Holdings

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